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Fellowships and training

We offer a number of fellowship awards each year to the medical community. They are open to UK DCTN members based in the UK who are interested in developing their clinical research and appraisal skills.  

Please join the network in order to qualify for our fellowships. It is FREE to join.

Trainee Network

The trainee network consists of a series of trainee groups, set up every 2 or 3 years, to encourage more involvement in research.  These groups can continue for as long as the research project exists and have played a valuable part in increasing research skills in the dermatology community.

Individual Fellowships

The fellowships include the following activities, to be undertaken over a 2-3 year period:

If you are interested in one of our fellowships, please follow the information links below or submit an initial enquiry form to us. 

Application deadline: 29 October 2018.  Please submit your application, along with your completed references, via email to

SpR Fellowship


If you are a dermatology trainee with an interest in research then this could be for you.

More information here

Look here to see what previous recipients of our award have done.

Nurse Fellowship


If you are a research nurse interested in dermatology, or a dermatology nurse interested in research then this could be for you.

More information

Application form here

SAS Fellowship


This award is open to SAS grade staff and allows you to take part in the activities over a 3 year period.

More information

GP Fellowship


If you are a GP or GPwSI then you can increase your knowledge of clinical research with this specialised fellowship. 

More information



Enquiry form


  • Name
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  • I am a member of the UK DCTN (you need to be a member of the Network in order to qualify for our Fellowships)
  • I would like to be considered for the following award. Please send me more details.

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