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Clinical trials and patient involvement 

Why get involved?

To most people, getting involved means taking part in a study, and this is extremely important to us but, there are other forms of active involvement in the UK DCTN that are equally valuable to us such as:

  • Helping to identify research areas that are relevant and important
  • Helping to design research studies
  • Assisting with interpreting research results
  • Promoting the good work of the UK DCTN

If you are unsure about what a clinical trial involves, this basic guide to clinical research will help.

A personal view

Sian shares her experience of living with the painful skin condition pyoderma gangrenosum and her involvement in a clinical treatment study (The STOP GAP trial). 

Sian’s Story on YouTube

Further information

More information about patient and public involvement in research is available on the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR),  the research wing of the National Health Service (NHS). 

NIHR Patient and Public Involvement

Useful information and patient support group websites


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