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UK DCTN Funding AwardsChq_presentation

Annual Themed Research Call - Research development fund of £10,000+

We run an open competition each year, on a different skin topic to assist research teams in developing their research idea.  This award is principally designed to fund feasibility or pilot work that will eventually lead to a randomised controlled clinical trial, or inform the design of such a study. 

Topic for 2019 - Dermatological Surgery £20K joint award

The 2019 award is encouraging research proposals on dermatological surgery.  It is co-funded by the British Society for Dermatological Surgery (BSDS) and consequently up to £20,000 could be made available.  If you have a research project/idea on non-cosmetic surgery and need funding to kick start your idea then please apply.

Download the information sheet for the 2019 award here

Deadline for applications - Monday 22 July 2019

Please note: Applicants must be available to present their idea (if shortlisted) in London on Tuesday 1 October 2019

How to apply

Guidance and terms can be found here

Please use the application form provided here.

Look here to see details of previous awards made to research teams throughout the UK

Topic for 2020 - Psychological interventions for skin disease

The deadline for the 2020 award will announced in Oct 2019

For further enquiries please contact us, email: or telephone 0115 8468625.

Pump Priming Awards

We have a small amount of funds available via an annual call to assist both developing and ongoing UK DCTN-led trials. Relevant study teams will be invited to apply for this award when funds allow.  Contact us to find out more about this funding stream.

Look here to see details of previous pump priming awards made to research teams in the UK


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