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Constitution and policies

UK DCTN Constitution

As a registered charity the UK DCTN operates according to a formal constitution (PDF copy here).

UK DCTN Author agreement

We have developed an author agreement that we ask all those developing studies with the UK DCTN to sign. This is to ensure that relevant guidelines and policies are adhered to throughout the study development process.

Financial Policies

 Internal Financial Controls

 Financial Reserves Policy  

Risk Management

 Risk Management Policy 

Charity Trustee Policies

 UK DCTN Trustee expenses policy  

 UK DCTN Trustee Conflict of Interests Policy  

Serious Incident Reporting

 Serious incident reporting policy  


 Complaints policy and procedure policy   

Social Media

 Social media guidance and policy  

Privacy Policy

 UK DCTN Privacy policy  

UK DCTN Publication Policy

The principles for publication of studies conducted through the UK DCTN are contained in our updated publication policy here.

Publicising non-UK DCTN training and events

 Work involving publicising and circulating research studies/ events/ training and awards from third party organisations - Publicising non-UK DCTN initiatives policy

Working with Industry

 The current remit of the UK DCTN is to answer questions that are important to the NHS through non-industry funded sources. As a result of this we do not undertake research studies or offer support for pharmaceuticla companies. See our policy on working with industry here.  The National Institute for Health and care Research (NIHR) have a dedicated industry team for supporting industry studies.

Sponsorship and Indemnity

All UK DCTN trials have a designated sponsor and appropriate indemnity cover in place. The choice of sponsor for a particular piece of research depends on several factors and is decided at the time of development.

Alignment with NIHR Infrastructure

The NIHR Clinical Research Network Dermatology Specialty Group has been established to support the delivery of dermatology studies within the NIHR portfolio. The UK DCTN recognises the importance of this group and aims to work alongside it as a Clinical Studies Group involved in the implementation of independent dermatology trials. Follow this link to find out more about the work of the Dermatology Specialty Group.

Role of Chief Investigator

The Chief Investigator for each trial will take overall responsibility for the design and conduct of the trial.

The Chief Investigator will be expected to fulfil all of the requirements of the chief investigators under the terms of research governance, although some tasks will be delegated to the co-ordinating centre and/or trial managers.

See guidance here on what being a clinical lead involves.

UK Dermatology Clinical Trials Network

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