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UK DCTN Funding Awards

Annual Themed Research Call - Research development fund of £10,000

We run an open competition each year, on a different skin topic to assist research teams in developing their research idea. This award is principally designed to fund feasibility or pilot work that will eventually lead to a randomised controlled clinical trial, or inform the design of such a study.

Topic for 2023 - Skin of Colour in Dermatology

We are inviting research proposals on skin of colour for our 2023 awards.  If you have a research project linked to dermatology in skin of colour, then please apply.

We have co-funding from the National Eczema Society.  This means there will be TWO awards of up to £10,000 available

  • Award one - available for any aspect of skin of colour in dermatology
  • Award two - available for eczema in skin of colour only.

Application deadline: Monday 17 July 2023.

Please note: UK Applicants only. Your proposal, if shortlisted, must be presented to the UK DCTN Steering Group in Autumn 2023.
Topic for 2024

The research topic for the 2024 award to be decided 


For further enquiries please contact us by email 


Pump priming awards (Not available at present)

Details of previous pump priming awards made to research teams in the UK

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