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The UK DCTN is open to anyone with an interest in research into skin disease. Whether you are a dermatologist, nurse, GP or a person with a skin condition you can become a member. The level to which you get involved in Network activities is entirely up to - you can join a study or just be kept informed of our activities. 

Health professionals

If you are a health professional and would like to join the network please complete our health professional application form.

Health professionals - Apply hereOnce you are a member of the UK DCTN, there are several ways to get involved in Network activities:

  • Submit a research idea that could be developed into a full clinical trial
  • Join a trial development group to help with study design and implementation
  • Become an investigator by recruiting patients into one of our on-going studies
  • Become a peer reviewer of our research proposals and/or publications
  • Join a UK DCTN management group
  • Respond to surveys to help with the development of studies
  • Receive email updates to keep informed of our studies

If you already have a research idea go to our Idea for a trial page.

Patients and Carers

If you are affected by a skin condition and would like to join the network please complete our patient/carer application form.

Patients and carers - Apply hereGetting involved will help us to help you:

  • Have your say in dermatology research
  • Share your experiences in a positive way
  • Learn more about research by attending relevant free training courses
  • Gain new skills

We have patient representatives on our steering committee and trial development groups.  Patient input is an important part of designing a clinical trial in order to get it right.  If you do not want to join a committee then patients can take part in one-off focus groups and interviews so that the needs and concerns of patients are heard and addressed before a trial opens to recruit participants.

Learn more about clinical trials and patient involvement.

If you already have a research idea go to our Idea for a trial page



Live outside the UK?

If you are based outside the UK then you can still join the network as an affiliate member. Please complete the relevant form above stating where you are based.

Alternatively, we have developed a website International Federation of Dermatology Clinical Trial Networks, which contains the information you need for setting up a dermatology research network in YOUR country. We also produce a regular newsletter where we share news and information from around the world.

We are keen to hear from any organisations or individuals who would like to join our international federation. Please email us if you would like to join:

UK Dermatology Clinical Trials Network

Applied Health Services Research (building 42)
University Park Campus University of Nottingham,