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UK DCTN funding award to eczema 'habit reversal' project

Kids in Control: Breaking the itch - scratch cycle

The winner of our 2020 open competition on Psychological interventions for skin disease is a team headed by Dr Susannah Baron (London) and Dr Ingrid Muller (Southampton).  The £10k will fund the development of a habit reversal online intervention for children with atopic eczema.

The central aim is to develop and assess the acceptability and usability of a virtual habit reversal programme for children with eczema in order to reduce the 'itch-scratch cycle'. 

The UK DCTN Steering Group are pleased to fund this important excercise which will inform a large randomised controlled trial in the future.

The itch-scratch cycle is known to exacerbate skin problems (the skin gets itchy which leads to scratching, which then damages the skin further).  Reducing the itch-scratch cycle could be an important part of future treatments for people with eczema so further research is needed in order to implement the treatment effectively.

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Posted on Monday 15th February 2021

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