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Idea for a trial?

The Network is open to trial suggestions from UK DCTN members. If you are not experienced in setting up and running a clinical trial don't worry - the Network can help with all aspects of funding, design and implementation of clinical trials.

If you're looking for funding, please see our UK DCTN annual themed research call

Application process

If you would like to suggest a trial idea to the UK DCTN, you will need to complete the relevant form and send it to the UK DCTN Co-ordinator

  • Outline proposal - For an early proposal to ‘sound out’ an idea
  • Full vignette - For a more developed research proposal with the backing of a team
  • Fast track - If you are responding to a commissioned call with a short deadline

A good example of a completed vignette  is shown here, use this as a guide of what information we need from you. If you do not have all the information you can submit an early outline proposal instead.

It is usual practice that the author of a vignette becomes the clinical lead for a study. See here what is involved in being a clinical lead.

Conducting a pilot study is highly likely to increase the probability that your main study will be funded.


Our Trial Generation & Prioritisation Panel or internal team will review your idea and may send recommendations for improvement. When approved you will be invited to present your research proposal to the UK DCTN Steering Committee.

How we can help

 If you submit an idea for a clinical trial, and it is approved by our steering group, then we can assist in getting your trial up and running in the following ways:

  • Facilitate and advise on development of trial protocol and co-ordinate study teams
  • Conduct membership surveys to assist with trial design
  • Co-ordinate and help write applications for funding
  • Ongoing publicity for your study
  • Promote the benefits of collective effort within the Network
  • Encourage and develop the involvement of service users/consumers
  • Identify potential recruiting sites for your study
  • Dissemination of results for maximum impact.

UK Dermatology Clinical Trials Network

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